Mark Gordon

Originally residency trained and board certified in Family Medicine (1984), Dr. Mark L. Gordon continued his medical education in Clinical Orthopedics (1990), Cosmetic Dermatology (1993), and Sports Medicine (1995) prior to pausing in 2007 to write his first book on Interventional Endocrinology a term which he coined in 2003 to represent his approach to Anti-Aging Medicine. His book, The Clinical Application of Interventional Medicine (2008), is recognized by his peers as a primer for the standards of care and assessment for Interventional Endocrinology. He held a position as Voluntary Associate Clinical Professor at the Keck School of Medicine (1998-2013) and is currently the Medical Director of CBS/Viacom Studios (2001-date), Medical Director of Education for Assess Medical Laboratories (2009-date), and has also participated on projects with HBO, ESPN, CNN, FOX, Good Morning, and several international news programs. Dr. Gordon has appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience (#1589, #1056, #700, #574, #438) to discuss Traumatic Brain Injury, natural protection from viruses, and Big Foot. In May 2015, his second book, Traumatic Brain Injury – A clinical approach to diagnosis and treatment, was launched along with a three-day workshop attended by a national and international group of medical specialists seeking advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of TBI. In January 2020, Dr. Gordon was invited by the United Kingdom’s Military Surgeon General to provide his perspective on treatment of blast wave trauma and why he was seeing high ranking officers from the UK in his office in Los Angeles. Maybe because they recovered from their symptomatic TBI when placed on the Millennium Treatment Protocol. Lastly, understanding the wealth of information needed to treat TBI patients using the science of neuroendocrinology and endocrinology, Dr. Gordon has spent the past 5 years writing a software application, the Millennium-TBI Office Assistant (MAO), an Expert AI software program that uses over 9000 algorithms to interpret the Millennium biomarker panel, medication, and past medical history. This allows for any healthcare provider to duplicate Dr. Gordon’s work and results in 15 minutes as opposed to years of training and clinical experience. At the core of the TBI treatment protocol, used to treat traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries, is a group of nutraceutical products that were developed over the past 16 years by Dr. Mark Gordon and his daughter Dr. Alison M. Gordon; Clear Mind & Energy, Brain Care II, and B is for Brain now packaged as Brain Rescue 3 which has been tested on a group of Marine Veterans with impressive results (draft report available at under “the Science”).

Dr. Mark Gordon is the owner and Medical Director of the Millennium Health Centers, Inc., located in Encino, California and moving to Houston Texas. ,



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