Barton Scott

Upgraded Formulas is a quantified wellness and nanotech company focused around performance and longevity–with a focus on correcting mineral deficiency led by Barton Scott, who is a Biochemist, a Nutritionist and Functional Health Expert based in Austin, TX, recognized for developing a new category of mineral supplementation called Stabilized Nano Minerals Minerals.


Upgraded Formulas get minerals to be so small that they are absorbed with ease by the blood cells in the body without having to undergo the digestion process, and test your hair to understand which minerals you need most.


Barton Scott Bio


Today’s guest, Barton Scott, is a biochemist and founder. Barton is also a nutritionist, and a researcher. And for the last 7 years Barton has been the Founder and process developer behind Upgraded Formulas.


Barton is passionate about helping people address the stress of daily life, poor sleep, hormone issues, fatigue, the toxicity of our modern world, the lack of nutrients in our soil and food, and the nutrient absorption issues that we all face. Upgraded Formulas also supports in the great work they do through every sale at



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