Dana Corriel

Dana Corriel, MD, is a board certified internist, entrepreneur & digital stratgeist. She is the founder of DoctorsonSocialMedia.com,an online platform that works to centralize the efforts of verified health experts (marketing & PR for educated brands). Dr. Corrielhas learned how to create truly stand-out content online & has expand her own career in just a few short years, using simpleonline tools. Her company has helped numerous physician influencers and innovative new healthcare businesses to grow, thanksto its communities and its networking power. Many of these experts now successfully occupy top healthcare positions, appear ininfluential outlets, and accomplish feats doctors never thought possible. Dr. Corriel has earned recognitions that include Top Ten Internists to Follow on Twitter by Medical Economics and Top 20 SocialMedia Physician Influencers by Medscape. She has appeared in major outlets including LA Times, Gastro & Endo News,MDMagazine, The Boston Globe, Huff Post, Medscape, and EP News. Serving as guest faculty at conferences (including yearly atthe Harvard’s Healthcare Writers’ Conference) has been especially meaningful for Corriel, who values opportunities to pass onskills through large projects such as these. She also led her own Writer’s Summit in Feb 2021, and plans to help ignite moreimpactful events, brands, and businesses using out-of-the-box digital solutions as fuel.


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