Erik Kowalke

Dr. Erik Kowalke graduated Magna Cum Laude from Life University in 2011. He moved to Michigan with his wife and 2 children to build and open their practice… Higher Health Chiropractic, in Grand Rapids.  Their mission was to serve as many people as possible while making it efficient and affordable for the average family. With this mission in mind, they quickly grew to 1000+ visits per week in just under 3 years. Since that time, Dr. Kowalke has become a national speaker for Chiropractic across the world. He is an extension faculty advisor at several chiropractic colleges, an AMPED mastermind leader and speaks and teaches every week to students and doctors. In 2015 Dr. Kowalke saw a need for a better system and developed SKED Inc., a virtual Chiropractic Assistant.  Since its inception, SKED has changed the technology within Chiropractic and has sent over 55 Million Appointment reminders to 100’s of thousands of patients every month.


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