Gordon Crozier, DO

Dr. Gordon Crozier is a leading medical practitioner, researcher, and lecturer in areas of integrative and functional medicine as it relates to cellular therapy. At his practice, The Crozier Clinic, in Orlando, Florida, he is a pioneer in the research and application of peptide therapy, a revolutionary treatment that stimulates cellular regrowth systems. He treats patients from around the world with chronic, long-term diseases and disorders including Lyme, mold toxicity, and all forms of chronic fatigue. He also specializes in treatments for anti-aging, helping his patients optimize their health and get to the root cause of signs and symptoms that often accompany people as they get older and their cells begin to fail. Dr. Crozier is recognized as the country’s leading authority in these emerging treatments and is highly sought after nationally and internationally. He is also a best-selling author and has been featured on national TV, radio, and in journals and medical publications. Dr. Crozier and his wife, Michelle, reside in Florida and are active in their church and community.

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