Elisa Gorman

Elisa Gorman; Cancer Thriver and true holistic healer using her Intuition to guide her as she makes non-conventional choices on her Conscious Healing Journey back to good health. Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January 2019 she is still thriving and healthy, crediting, nutrition, meditation, mindset and movement as the key methods to her success. Finding the courage to release fear driven by the unknown, the doctors and the opinions of others allowed Elisa a clear path to listen to the voice inside her heart. We all have that voice inside that tries to get our attention, that voice that gives us an instinct or a feeling about something. It is up to us to listen to that voice and surrender to the guidance that offers us direction, that will ultimately lead us to our desired destination. We hope that Elisa’s story will inspire you to take risks, listen to your heart and release the fear that holds you back. After hearing Elisa’s story, we encourage you to take a look at your life choices and ask yourself; where can you make a shift? Can you eat healthier, can you carve out time for more self-care, can you start meditation or go to yoga, how can you empower yourself TODAY so that you can have a healthier tomorrow?

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