Julie Luby, NBC-HWC

Julie is a national board-certified health coach who trained at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. She founded Cogwell Coaching and has been coaching in private practice for 5 years. She is most passionate about working with clients who want to prevent or reverse chronic illness such as cognitive decline and diabetes so that they can live their lives healthier than the generation before them.

With a history of Alzheimer’s Disease on both sides of her family, Julie first learned about the Bredesen protocol when she attended Dr. Bredesen’s patient immersion weekend in 2017 as a caregiver for a family member. It was there that she heard the first messages of hope, and learned that there were root causes for dementia that could be addressed using a functional medicine approach. She has personally tackled challenges with gut health, SIBO, and mycotoxin illness from mold exposure. She has also managed a challenging home mold remediation project. Julie is working hard to optimize the health of her brain and body and finds it a privilege to help others do the same.

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