Liliana Partida

Liliana Partida, CN (Clinical Nutritionist) has been in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 23 years. She started her career early in life by winning the State Championship in the 400 meters run. This launched her dedication to the Health and Fitness industry becoming a perpetual student of continual education. Growing up on a farm in northern California, Liliana was blessed with parents who truly understand the concept of farm-to-table. Eating veggies and fruit right out of our garden was common, “we thought everyone did the same”. However- she soon learned in life that fresh and vine-ripened fruits and vegetables were a luxury for most- not a way of life. Waking up to the smell of home-grown, freshly picked organic foods fueled her passion for cooking with superior quality and taste. Her mother passed on her love of natural cooking to Liliana passed that love on to her beautiful daughter, Annalisa, who is also a clinical nutritionist and natural foods chef.

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