Mark White

Mark L. White is the CEO of HealthGAINS, GAINSWave, and FemiWave. A big believer in the future of medical care, Mark has immersed himself within the medical realm. His journey began in 2003 with the launch of HealthGAINS, a ground-breaking Vitality Care practice led by expert medical pioneers who provide a variety of concierge age-defying programs that have effectively turned back the clock for thousands of patients. On a mission to continue to provide more patients across the nation with access to regenerative medical solutions, White launched GAINSWave in 2016. GAINSWave is a high-end brand of shockwave therapy for ED and is performed by over 400 medical professionals across North America, Canada, and more. After perfecting the protocol, Mark and his team of leading experts launched a training initiative to ensure that all GAINSWave providers are able to provide each patient with a safe and result-generating experience across the board.


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