Become the Master of Your Energy! Discover your innate ability to heal pain, reverse illness, create abundance and prosperity, and find lasting happiness through energy healing…

We are all born with the innate ability to channel and master our Qi (life force energy). But most of us never learn how to activate this ability.

About the SUmmit

The Global Energy Healing Summit brings together the world’s energy healers, Akashic record readers, naturopaths, and more to help you identify, channel, and direct your energy for health, wealth, and happiness.

Watch Videos

Creating a primal healing platform using sun energy

Robby Besner PSc.D

Using Technology to Read the Human Biofield & Balance the Body

Steve McCardell

Tapping into the Power of Bioenergetics

Harry Massey

How Bioenergetics can restore your energy for life

Harry Massey

Releasing Energy through Cleansing for Better Health

Rachael Dardano

PEMFs are the ultimate healing device

William Pawluk, M.D.

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