Adopting Outside the Box Technologies into Clinical Practice like PEMF​

William Pawluk, M.D., MSc


Cheng-Huai Ruan, M.D.

On this segment, we have Dr William Pawluk. He’s a great friend of mine. He is a world renowned leader in pulse electromagnetic field therapy. So, why is he on the Physician Practice Automation Summit? Well, because he kind of does things outside the box and what I would really want to know, what are some ways to de-risk ourselves as physicians when we want to think outside the box? Adopting technologies for things that really benefit for our patients. So Dr Pawluk is the MD. He’s a board certified family medicine physician in Maryland just outside of Baltimore and he is on academic appointments at Johns Hopkins University as well as the University of Maryland, and he’s had holistic training in acupuncture and homeopathy and hypnosis and all sorts of really cool stuff and but what he does the best on is PEMF therapy, pulse electrical magnetic field therapy. 

So we dive into exactly what that is and then more importantly, we dive into well, how can you automate that process by adopting technology. What are some business models that you can adopt in by adopting onto the technology and how do you mitigate and decrease your risk of practicing medicine the way you want to practice medicine? So Dr Pawluk, so happy to have you on and, you know what, the other level of excitement is because we’re doing things that are outside the box. I want to know how can we bring things into our box? All right, welcome to the show, so happy for you to be here.


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