Paul’s Extraordinary Integrative Approach to Healing from Cancer

Paul and Barbara Siegel


Nathan Crane 

So here we are, the final day of the Conquering Cancer Summit. We thought a great ending to the summit would be to share with you three more inspiring cancer conquering stories, in addition to the mini-stories we’ve shared throughout the previous days of the summit. You’ve heard in day one, how Elaine Gibson reversed cancer twice, including stage four lymphoma. You heard in day two, how Dr. V reversed breast cancer using her 70 central system. We shared with you in day four multiple case studies from Kelly Turner’s research into radical remissions and what they all had in common with healing from cancer, along with Dr. Keisha’s miraculous story of healing her own cancer through the power of forgiveness. And today we’re gonna share with you three powerful stories where people from various backgrounds use the integrative approach to help themselves heal. They use the combination of modern medicine and natural medicine to help their bodies fight off cancer. And that’s where the summit is all about. 

It’s about discovering the path that works best for you while utilizing the best of all medicine available to help you find your own path towards healing. So make sure to listen to every one of these stories as they each have their own experience that can help you discover how it’s possible for you to prevent or reverse cancer. And if you happen to miss any of the cancer conqueror stories throughout the summit, make sure to order your empowerment package right now. That way you’ll have lifetime access to every single interview and bonus from the summit that you can review again and again, to help you improve your chances of not only preventing cancer, but conquering it once and for all. 

And when you order your empowerment package, you are supporting our mission to help put an end to the cancer pandemic. Your order supports two incredible nonprofits who are doing amazing work in natural and integrative cancer research and treatments for people around the world. And you’re helping us continue to produce these events and bring this much needed information to you and more people everywhere. So click the order button now, grab your empowerment package, then come back and join me for these incredible cancer conquering stories. Today, we’re talking with Paul and Barbara Siegel. Paul has an extraordinary story to share with us about how he became cancer-free, and we’re gonna get into all the details about it and give you all some hope and inspiration that it is possible to reverse cancer, that it is possible to live cancer-free. Paul and Barbara, thank you so much for joining us. 

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