Leveraging Chronic Care Systems to Deliver Unbelievable Outcomes

Paul Huffman


Cheng-Huai Ruan, M.D.

Hey everybody this is Dr. Ron and I have something, well someone really special with me today, whose name is Paul Huffman. And he represents MD Revolution. And so let me tell you a bit of a background story of why Paul’s even on this, on the summit. So over the last three years or so, Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, which is my practice, we’ve done several permutations of something called remote patient monitoring, as well as chronic care management. So working within the Medicare model and within the primary care model, we were allowed to monitor our patients over time and we learned a lot from it, but we’re always at the mercy of technology. I feel like whenever there’s an inconsistency, technology is always the first one to really break. 

And so we developed over the last three years, very in-depth screening programs, as well as therapy programs through health coaches and integrative health on the virtual side, as well as the in-person side, until COVID-19 hit. And when COVID hit, we really had to transfer a lot of what we did onto the digital space. And what I quickly realized is that a lot of what we do on patient monitoring is not really scalable in terms of a business. But more importantly, we want to be able to show patients that, I want to be able to serve and offer value. So we looked at several platforms, and when MD Revolution and a few other platforms really popped up, Paul and I had a chance to talk and really had a high level discussion of where technology is headed in the next year. And who are the players that are there and who do private practice doctors actually have access to, to get some of these technology, to decrease fixed costs and to just make healthcare explode in the way that we want to explode in the way we want to control as doctors? So, Paul, thanks for coming on, really excited to have you, and I wanted to kind of get you to introduce yourself and talk about, you know, why this company was developed and for what purpose.

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