Connecting the Dots Between the Gut, Brain, and Autoimmunity

Stephanie Davis, DC



Dr. Stephanie Davis interview by Dr. Marlene Mahipat

Gut and brain health and got nervous system connections.

When the gut barrier is breached it allows access into the body of various threats. Causes of the breakdown in this gut barrier: in adults – stress/PTSD/poor diet/toxins. In kids – in utero exposure, diet, infections, food sensitivities, mother’s stress. Symptoms of gut related problems include: adults – brain fog, headaches, balance issues, mood, sleep issues G.I. function. In kids – lack of focus [ADD/ADHD], skin, stomach hurting, and sleep issues. Genetics may be a contributing factor with many genes involved. Often there is a triad of asthma, food sensitivities, and skin issues. Autoimmune predispositions are common. Leaky gut is a commonly described term for breaching the gut mucosal barrier. An increasingly common source of problems is toxins in the environment. Treatments, beyond supplements and psycho emotional approaches include PEMFs, red light therapy, getting out in nature, sleep hygiene, whole food diet, and reducing EMF sensitivity. Covid has added another factor into the equation. Major dietary indiscretions include sugar, dairy and gluten. Bovine derived IgG supplements can be very helpful.

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