Lyme – Using All The Tools – Cowden Lyme Protocol

Lee Cowden, M.D.


  • Why lyme is so complex as it expresses itself in the body.
  • Describes why lyme disease is the 2nd great imitator.
  • The best ways to detect and test for lyme disease.
  • Deep dive into what is wildly considered one of the best lyme protocols available today.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

And welcome back to another amazing guest and interview with one of, I consider the greatest practitioners in Lyme disease and line research from the beginning. To me, this is Dr. Lee Cowden I’m talking about. And Dr. Lee Cowden, I was thinking about some words that would describe him because we have had a friendship many years ago, maybe as much as 10 years ago. I was fortunate to have met Dr. Cowden through another friend, and he allowed me to present in front of his academy and he asked me to join and be part of his team or his group, and which I would feel so honored for. And I’m really honored that you took the time Lee to come today to join us. 

So I was thinking of words to describe you. And the first thing that came to mind, the first word was, unwavering. And so when I think of that word, it’s like the dedication of somebody that will leave his family, leave his home, go to the Amazon, roll up his pants, sleeves and boats, put on these boats, walk among the snakes, just to extract certain earth elements or plant related foreign plants to the US, so that you could get the vibrational energies and then bring back to the US and or to the world, certain the medicinal aspects of the plant kingdom and their frequencies that are around that. The other word that came to mind was educator. 

To me, certainly you were my mentor, but you’ve mentored so many people in your career and in your life. You’re a family man, you’re a man of faith and deep spirituality. And I think that you need a lot of those kinds of qualities, just in general, to be a complete person as we are in what I call earth camp these days. You practice, even though you’re qualified. And I’d like to have you tell us a little bit about the backdrop, a little bit about your education and/or at least the things you focused on in your medical career. But even though you are certified and qualified as a cardiologist, you really took a little turn on that and started what I think was one of the few guys in the beginning by definition was really alternative, integrated, and functional in terms of medicine and your applications. And I’d love for you to just spend a few minutes after we talk about your backdrop, or your background, just to hear what your definition of functional or integrative medicine is, you know, from your mouth. 

You’re my friend. And certainly, in terms of Lyme disease, one of the greatest guys in Lyme. You’ve written and coauthored dozens of books on the topic and related topics. And to me, you’re almost synonymous with Lyme disease. So there is the Cowden Protocol, when my daughter was contracted Lyme disease about 25 plus years ago, that was the only protocol that when we were researching, that was the only one that we could find. I mean, that’s how far back it goes. And I’m sure maybe it even was earlier than that. So with that, Dr. Lee Cowden, please welcome to Healing From Lyme Naturally Summit. Thank you for joining us and taking out the time today.

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