Developing Heart Coherence to Balance Your Nervous System and Reduce Stress

Deborah Rozman


Sanjeev Goel, MD, FCFP (PC), CAFCI

Hi, everyone, I’m Dr. Sanjeev Goel and you’re listening to the Advanced Antiaging Technology Summit. And today I have Dr. Deborah Rozman, Ph.D. with me. Dr. Rozman is the Founding Executive Director of HeartMath Institute, and a key spokesperson for HeartMath and the HeartMath system around the world. Along with helping develop, oversee and conduct HeartMath training programs since its inception in 1991, she has 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, business executive, educator and author. Dr. Rozman gives media interviews and keynote addresses worldwide. 

She’s appeared in documentary films, tele-summits and major magazines and on major television networks and internationally syndicated radio programs. She has trained and spoken to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and the US military scientific health conferences, schools etc. Besides authoring a dozen books herself, including the award winning, Mediating With Children, Dr. Rozman co-authored the five book transforming series with HeartMath founder Doc Childre. She is regular columnist with the Huffington Post. Dr. Rozman covers a range of topics in her speaking engagements and presentations, key among them the hearts role and stress management, resilience, heart and performance, heart coherence technology, and the current shift in global consciousness. Thank you, Deborah, how are you?

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