The Role Of Telomeres In The Treatment And Detection Of Early AMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration) And Alzheimers Disease

Dr. Tom Dow


  • Rationale of a trial testing TA-65 in AMD.
  • Relative void in treating options for early AMD.
  • Results of our pilot study of TA-65 in early AMD.
Joseph M. Raffaele, M.D.

I have with me today on the Telomere Summit, Dr Tom Dow, who is a Medical and Surgical Ophthalmologist and practiced for over 40 years in Clinical Ophthalmology. He maintains a clinical appointment at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and is a member of McPherson Eye Research Institute. He has also worked as a physician scientist, conducting clinical trials. Since 2000 he has had a research interest in the role of infection, specifically mycobacteria and paratuberculosis, or MAP, in a broad range of human inflammatory diseases. Also, he has studied clinical applications arising from telomere biology and telomerase, His work testing oral telomerase activator in age-related macular degeneration has led to interest by the National Eye Institute. Welcome, Tom, to the Telomere Summit. And really excited to speak to you. I remember when your study came out in 2016, we had a brief conversation in Las Vegas about it. But I’ve got all sorts of questions, and looking forward to this conversation.

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