EMF, Hydrogen Water and Microbiome

Paul Barattiero



Paul Barattiero is trained as a naturopath and has newly expanded his horizons on helping us treat people using detox and supporting the whole human being. Paul has interests in hydrogen water, which he has been working on for the last 12 to 13 years, and in products that help you deal with radiation exposure due to environmental EMFs.

Today, we’re going to talk about both EMF shielding devices and how they operate, and the impact of hydrogen rich water on gut health.

What is an EMF Shield Device?

Barattiero explains what these devices are and how they work.

The device, he says, contains vials of liquid called the Qi liquid, which is a conductive liquid. All of the vials of Qi liquid, which is quite viscous, are connected. Inside the device, two circles spin energy – one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. This creates a toroidal, or torus, field.

What the device is doing is creating a magnetic field. When other magnetic or electromagnetic fields (EMF) enter the field created by the device, they are changed. The vials of liquid inside the device creates this field, and also power the unit for eight to ten years, meaning there’s no need to plug the device in.

During the exchange, a small electrical voltage releases negatively charged electrons.

The device does three primary things: changes radiation, lowers signal strength, and gives the body more electrical potential, or more electricity, in the way of negatively charged electrons.

Reducing Signal Strength

Typically, if you test an area with Wi-Fi or cellular signals in it, there are three volts per meter of electricity in the air. The EMF shield device reduces that up to 80%, leaving less than one volt per meter when you’re using this device in a home or business.

Changing Radiation

What the device is doing is changing the radiation in a process called depolarization of radiation. When the radiation is depolarized, it won’t harm the body in the same way it is effected by polarized radiation.

Giving your body more electrical potential

The beauty of these EMF shield devices is that they introduce negatively charged electrons to your body. These electrons power you – we are electrical beings. You can go to a forest or the ocean to get electrons – people are seeking this for their bodies. But this device means you are essentially bringing that forest to your hours, giving you those negatively charged electrons in large quantities.

Does this device allow you to recover quicker and don’t get exposed?

This is a process that builds up over time. It does minimize exposure to harmful EMFs. When people ask how they know if it’s working, Barattiero says they can do an organic acid test. This test looks at mitochondrial function in the body. Within one day of having the EMF shield device in your home, the mitochondria are functioning at peak capacity. From a healing perspective, he says, this is great news.

Hydrogen Water and the Gut

Barattiero discusses how drinking hydrogen rich water can positively impact the gut. Molecular hydrogen is critically important to multiple body functions, including the gastrointestinal tract. All disease, he says, starts with dysfunction in the gut. Illness, behavioral issues, chronic issues like inflammatory bowel disease, psychological issues like anxiety and depression – they all stem from gut dysfunction.

With gut dysfunction comes immune system dysfunction. 70% of immune function is tied to good gut health. Gut dysfunction can be addressed with molecular hydrogen. Hydrogen water is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this.

What does gut health mean? It’s all about the microbial composition in the gastrointestinal tract. Barattiero says good gut health means the gut microbiota are well balanced, with all of the bacterial strains that should be present. In the gut, there are both aerobic bacteria and you anaerobic bacteria. 91 to 96% of the bacteria in the gut should be anaerobic, and only 1 to 4% should be aerobic.

This balance in microbial composition can be altered by many things, both physical and psychological. Heavy metals, toxic relationships, and overuse of antibiotics are just a few.

Antibiotics should be carefully considered before use, Barattiero says. With a life-threatening bacterial infection they are very effective and appropriate. But a viral infection will not be positively impacted by antibiotics. Using antibiotics too freely changes the polarity of the tissue in the gut, and that electrical potential governs the type of bacteria that exist in the gut. So overusing antibiotics can take a toll on the gut microbiota.

The biome of the gut is crucial to health, and the intestinal microbiota needs to be balanced. It’s important to understand that it is quite simple to rehabilitate the biome and restore proper balance of gut microbiota.

Barattiero says it’s about changing the polarity of the gut tissue back to a negative electrical potential, which can be accomplished through drinking hydrogen rich water. Studies conducted in Russia show that if the gut has a negative 300 millivolts and above, the anaerobic microflora can be selectively stimulated, changing the intestinal bacterial composition.

What that means is you don’t have to seed the gut to change the balance of the gut microbiota. The environment already has the positive and negative organisms in it. Based on what charge you are presenting to that environment, those positive or negative gut microbes will grow and flourish.

When the gut microbiota are out of balance, and your gut is not functioning properly, the body can’t produce hydrogen gas like it should. Your body needs molecular hydrogen for optimal functioning. When the body doesn’t produce enough hydrogen gas, oxidation in the body rises. When oxidation rises, inflammation follows closely behind, creating disease.

There are acute, chronic conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, that result from all this inflammation. One of the greatest joys is reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, allowing it to function as it should.

The composition of gut microbiota can be rebuilt to include proper ratio of bacteria when the electrical potential, or the polarity of the gut tissue, is changed.

Drinking hydrogen rich water is one great way to help balance the gut microbiota. The device designed by Barattiero alters the water by adding hydrogen gas, he said, changing the oxidation reduction potential of the water.

Water typically has a positive electrical potential, due to processing and environmental toxins, which is not going to support anaerobic microflora, he says. But using this device, that water can be restored to a negative potential, selectively stimulating that anaerobic microflora and allowing it to thrive.

Drinking hydrogen rich water can help outpace the impact of an antibiotic. Small clinical trials have shown that by using the electrical potential in the gut, drinking hydrogen water can help the good bacteria grow faster than the antibiotic.

Eric Gordon, M.D.

Hello and welcome. It’s my pleasure today to be talking with Paul Barattiero. He is trained as a naturopath and has newly expanded his horizons on helping us treat people using detox and basically supporting the whole human being. Paul has interests in a hydrogen water, which he has been working on for the last 12, 13 years, and also in products that help you deal with EMFs. Today, we’re going to start off and talk about EMF and Mycotoxins and I think we’re going to go right off the bat, Paul. Tell me how you started working with EMFs and in relationship to mycotoxins.

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