Energy Healing 101: How to Harness and Transform the Energy of Cancer For Self-Healing

Carol Tuttle


  • How to accept cancer to make it an ally instead of an enemy
  • Practical techniques you can perform to detox your energy and promote healing
  • The dangers of making your diagnosis your identity (and how it can make your situtation worse)
Nathan Crane 

Hello, everybody. Welcome to the Global Cancer Symposium 2.0. My name is Nathan Crane. I am the award-winning filmmaker of “Cancer; The Integrative Perspective,” as well as the director of the Health and Healing Club, which you can learn more about that after this interview at But today, I’m really excited to be talking with Carol Tuttle about “Energy Healing 101: The Principles, Practice, and Implementation of Self-Healing.” What you’re gonna learn in this interview is gonna give you a foundation and a set of principles as well as inspiration and some practical how-to, step-by-step advice, and even some energy-healing experience for yourself. Whether you’re on the fence, as someone who’s just like, “Well, I don’t know what this energy healing thing is but I’ve heard it’s good so I wanna learn more about it,” or you’ve been doing energy healing for a long time, or you’re just interested in seeing what all your options are available to you down the healing path, I promise you what you’re gonna learn in this interview is gonna help you, support you, and inspire you, so please stick with us through the entire thing. 

I will read Carol’s bio for you really quick, just a short little introduction. We’re gonna bring her in so we can dive right into this, okay? Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, energy healer, bestselling author of six books, and pioneer in the field of personal development. For over 25 years, she supported millions of people worldwide with her life-changing books and online courses. She sees humanity shifting to a higher consciousness and feels called to help people create more intentional lives and fulfilling relationships. You can access her free energy healing guide at I encourage you to do that right after this interview. Carol, thank you so much for joining us. 

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