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Victoria Hahn



This training is designed to increase your understanding and practical knowledge of the science of life-transforming fasting methodologies. Fasting was the #1 diet in 2018 and is growing exponentially in interest and engagement each year. More individuals are considering a diet with goals that not only pertain to physical transformation but also overall improvements to health and wellness – wanting to be healthier inside and out! Of course, with popularity comes a variety of advice and offerings, shared liberally across digital platforms, and unfortunately not all trustworthy, safe, or able to deliver on the promise of a fast. Whether you are interested to learn for yourself now or in the future or if you or someone close to you is interested in fasting, then you don’t want to miss out on this program.

Reed Davis, HHP, FDN-P, CMTA, CNT

Hey folks, today I have a real special privilege to be introducing to you a company that has decided to sponsor the summit. The sponsorship is allowing us to reach more people, get the word out, and I hope you’ll enjoy our next speaker, Victoria Hahn Hahn. She’s from ProLon. She’s got a very interesting background, so I really look forward to you guys meeting her and listening to her answer my interview questions. Welcome back everybody. I’m really excited to introduce you to a new friend of ours today, Victoria Hahn Hahn, she’s a registered dietician with a Master of Science in Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity from the University of Southern California. She completed her training at the University of California, as I said, at the Irvine Medical Center—that’s not too far from me—with specialty rotations at the children’s hospital, Los Angeles and the Goran lab. She currently works for a really good company that we’re familiar with. She’s one of the medical educators there for L-Nutra as a medical science liaison. Now, prior to her joining L-Nutra, she was working in the field of nutrition science, covering a wide range of topics, including nutritional sufficiency in specific populations and the ketogenic diet as a treatment for pediatric epilepsy. That’s so interesting. Her primary clinical experience is inpatient clinical dietetics, covering a full spectrum of patients, including pediatric, medical, and trauma. So I’m really happy to have you here today, Victoria Hahn, how are you doing? 

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