Adopting the Lifestyle Medicine Model in the Fasting Mimicking Diet

William Hsu


Cheng-Huai Ruan, M.D.

On this segment, I’m really honored to introduce that Dr. William Hsu, one of the most respected endocrinologists in the world. He’s got 20 years of clinical experience and he currently is the chief medical officer at a company called L-Nutra and leads clinical development and medical affairs. So Dr. Hsu is internationally renowned expert in diabetes. He was an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and also co-authored the National Standards of Care and Policy Changing Positional Statement for the American Diabetes Association. He also served on National Clinical Guideline Committees at the American Optometric Association and the Jocelyn Diabetes Center and he’s done a tremendous amount of clinical research on nutrition and digital health as well as diabetes, of course. 

He is a graduate from Cornell University and received his medical degree at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City and completed his residency training program at Yale University and fellowship in endocrinology and metabolism at Harvard Medical School. And so what we’re talking gonna be talking about today is really introducing the concept of what this company L-Nutra is able to really accomplish and how they’re really able to stand out in their field and what does it mean to physicians who want to incorporate lifestyle medicine into their clinical practice? We talk about CPT codes, we talk about what’s new and up and coming in terms of research and reimbursable events, communication codes. We get into this discussion by also understanding what are we, what should we really be measuring when it comes to patient outcomes, life longevity, and whatnot. I can’t wait for you to hear this segment. Welcome to the summit.

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