Founder at Etheric Medicine®️ – How To Heal The Etheric Body Of Emotional Wounds So Your Physical Body Can Release Illness Faith + Healing + Life Purpose

Bobbi Vogel



Healing Is In The Medicine We Cannot See:registered:

  • A simple 5-minute practice you can do every morning to connect to spirit and your intuitive healing abilities
  • Why a connection to your etheric body is vital for reversing cancer
  • A simple integrative approach to connecting your mind, body, and spirit
Nathan Crane 

Hello, everybody. And welcome to the Global Cancer Symposium 2.0. My name is Nathan Crane. I am the award-winning filmmaker of “Cancer; The Integrative Perspective,” as well as the Director of the Health and Healing Club, which you can learn more about at But today, I’m really excited to be talking with Bobbi Vogel about our innate superhuman abilities for detecting and reversing cancer. This is gonna be a pretty special interview and I think you’re gonna learn a lot during this time with us. So I’m gonna read you Bobbi’s bio. 

I’m going to share with you a little experience I had with her a couple of days ago, and then we’re gonna dive into some really practical things that I think are gonna really serve you and your family. Bobbi Vogel, Founder at Etheric Medicine, is a Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant Healer, and Purpose Leader. Bobbi knows that when we are unwell physically, spiritually or emotionally, we have lost the connection to who we are at core. We’ve lost our power, she says. Everything begins with faith. Bobbi’s unwavering in her commitment to humanity and the need for us all to connect to faith healing and a life of purpose. Bobbi’s been featured on major media outlets, like MSNBC, Fox, CBS, as well as on the Montel Williams show. And you can watch that interview on YouTube. I watched it, it’s a great interview. And she’s worked with a wide range of clients, from children dealing with brain cancer, which we’re gonna get into today, all the way to Olympic athletes, looking to perform better. Bobbi, thank you so much for being here. 

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