Kashif Khan – How Bad Genetics Makes Lyme Worse and What to do About it

Kashif Khan


  • How your genes determine why some people have very little symptoms, some get sick and some are stuck in bed.
  • What role does Estrogen play in making Lyme more difficult for women
  • How to support poor genetics to recover faster
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Welcome back to another amazing interview. Today I have a really special guy, he’s up in Canada. He’s what I would call, speaking from my own experience, a serial entrepreneur. And found himself in the middle of probably one of the most amazing contributions to science, medical science that will help everyone. And it’s a part of science that is very forward-thinking. Today we have Mr. Kashif Kahn with us. Kashif, welcome to the lyme, Healing From Lyme Naturally Summit. Thank you for joining us.

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