One Twenty Over 80: Healthy Ayurvedic Chocolate

Dr. Naeha Sareen​, DC


Sanjeev Goel, MD, FCFP (PC), CAFCI  

Hi everyone. I’m Dr. Sanjeev Goel. And today you’re listening to the Advanced Anti-aging and Technology Summit. And I’ll be interviewing Dr. Naeha Sareen. Dr. Sareen is a medical professional chiropractor and entrepreneur. She’s been in practice for the last ten years. She’s a huge advocate of health and wellness, running a successful weight loss and anti-aging clinic outside of Toronto. Her goal is to change the lives of as many people as possible with her innovative health measures that she implements in her daily practice. Naeha, since childhood, has always been had a sweet obsession with the tantalizing treat we call chocolate. Proclaiming it as her absolute favorite food, she would indulge in it every day.

Her love for it did not stop with snacking on the regular. As she got older, she realized that the vast varieties of chocolate and not, not just the candy bars you get at the corner store but the delectable delicacies born from the cocoa bean. Once she got a taste of higher quality artisanal chocolates, her world changed forever. Her passion grew as she gained interest in the process of making chocolates and combining flavors. Her inspirations come from a diverse flavors of the world. After years of dedicating to her craft, she privately calls herself a chocolatier. 

As a healthcare practitioner, she has always been very health conscious. And with this, she dreamt of joining her two worlds, chocolate and health. She wanted to combine her first true love, chocolate, with her true calling in life, helping others; to formulate her current passion: a healthy treat that would not only be pleasing to one’s palette, but also to their heart, body and mind. Naeha has taken her vast knowledge in health and wellness, incorporating it to her expertise of flavors, foods and of course, chocolate, to create a new brand of healthy chocolate called One Twenty over 80. You can find it at Welcome everyone. Today I have Dr. Naeha Sareen who’s going to be talking about Ayurvedic medicine and its influence on aging. So welcome Naeha. How are you?

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