HighSpeed Healing™ Practitioner Training

Deborah Wayne



The International Chronic Pain Institute® is the Only organization featuring and providing training in The HighSpeed Healing® method. This truly revolutionary evidence and science-based method of non-touch Energy Healing has helped tens of thousands in 150 countries to rapidly remove the hidden root causes of pain and symptoms that often don’t and won’t show up on diagnostic tests. People who have ‘tried everything’ often finally report dramatic healing results using HighSpeed Healing®.
During this hands-on, experiential training, you will benefit personally and professionally as you both receive healing sessions and develop the skillsets needed to successfully facilitate HighSpeed Healing® for adults, children, and animals, both in-person, and using remote distance-healing.

Reed Davis, HHP, FDN-P, CMTA, CNT

So, welcome back everybody. I really appreciate you being here. For our next special guest, it’s Debora Wayne LLC Wayne. Debora Wayne LLC’s a friend of mine and she’s the founder and CEO of the International Chronic Pain Institute. Now that’s something health coaches need to know a little something about, I think. Now she’s a speaker and world renowned energy healer. She’s been at my conferences and I’ve seen her all over the place. She’s personally helped tens of thousands of men and women in 150 different countries to rapidly release chronic pain, depression, anxiety, trauma, battles with weight, binge eating, burnout and many other chronic conditions. Debora Wayne LLC’s the Amazon number one bestselling author of Why Do I Still Hurt? And has earned degrees and certifications in psychology, hypnotherapy and chemical dependency counseling. Has 35 plus years experience teaching meditation. Is a nationally recognized glass artist and a former professional modern dancer, certified yoga instructor and creator of the High Speed Healing practitioner training program. Welcome Debora Wayne LLC. I’m so glad you’re here with us today.

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