Holtorf: Updated Peptide Protocol

Kent Holtorf, M.D.


  • Understand how mold-associated illness and CIRS, Lyme disease, aging, CFS,FM, autoimmunity, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, GI dysfunction, CV disease, DM, and other inflamatory diseases and diseases of aging have a common immune dysfunction as the underlying pathophysiology that results in a pathological vicious cycle that leads to multi-system disease.
  • Understanding that immune modulators, including peptides, effectively address the core abnormality of immune dysfunction, including a Th1 to Th2/Th17 immune shift, natural killer cell dysfunction, abnormal mast cell activation, T cell exhaustion, and immunosenescence, should be the first step in treatment.
  • Therapies that protect the body from the toxic effects of myco and other endotoxins can replace the use of binders, the core therapy of the Shoemaker protocol, which is marginally beneficial, fraught with numerous side effects, poorly tolerated, and often prescribed for many months or years without benefit.
  • The Holtorf Updated Peptide Protocol for the Rapid Treatment of CIRS (HUPPRTOC) will almost always make the use of the misunderstood peptide vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) unnecessary. Also, with a greater understanding of VIP’s mechanism of action, risks, and side effects, it becomes clear that the use of VIP may be helpful in the short term but has long-term adverse effects and significantly hinders long-term resolution of symptoms and mold sensitivity.
  • Most all mold illness/CIRS patients have pre-existing immune dysfunction that makes them dramatically more likely to suffer from toxic effects of mold and mycotoxin exposure that has little impact on those with a healthier immune system. Genetic predisposition is far from proven.
Matthew Cook, M.D.

Hi, welcome to The Peptide Summit. My name is Dr. Matt Cook. And today I’m very delighted to introduce you to Dr. Kent Holtorf. He was the host of The Peptide Summit last year, and said this is gonna be a piece of cake, it’s gonna take hardly no time, you’re gonna have a great time doing it. And it actually has been a highlight of our year, although it has been a big responsibility. I met Dr. Holtorf probably more than 12 years ago. We were at the coldest ILADS meeting in the history of ILADS up in Banff, Canada. And I actually remember how freezing cold it was. And I think you may even remember more, how freezing cold it was.

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