Breast Cancer: My personal story of hope, healing and thriving!

Elisa Gorman


Nathan Crane 

Hey, it’s Nathan Crane, Director of the Health and Healing Club and host of the “Conquering Cancer Summit.” And today I am honored and excited to welcome you to a very special interview. So Elisa was diagnosed with breast cancer in January, 2019, pretty recently. And more than two years later now, we’re interviewing her today. She is thriving and healthy crediting nutrition, meditation, mindset, movement, and other holistic and natural and integrative modalities and methods for her success. We’re gonna dive into her story. I think it’s gonna inspire a lot of you, whether you’re going through breast cancer or any kind of cancer to have more support, have more confirmation maybe on some of the things you’ve been thinking and help share some really practical tools that she’s been using that’s been helping her. 

I think her story is gonna inspire you not only to take maybe some risks that you’ve been afraid of taking because whatever anybody else has been warning you against out of their own fear maybe not for your own betterment, unfortunately but also how to listen, learn to listen more to your heart, to your own intuition, your own internal guidance and release some of that fear that holds you back from making the decisions that you feel inside yourself are best for you. So you can go visit her website at You can follow along with her journey, her story, she may be may even be doing some coaching soon. You know, we were talking behind the scenes So, you can get in touch with her there. Elisa, thank you so much for being here. 

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