How Hydrogen Affects Peptides

Paul Barattiero N.D., CHS, CNHP


  • How hydrogen affects peptides
  • How our body is designed to make hydrogen gas
  • Why our bodies lose the ability to make hydrogen gas
  • What we can do to reestablish the gut biome an restore proper gut function
Matthew Cook, M.D.

Hi, welcome to the Podcast Summit, and today I’ve got Paul Barattiero. He’s Italian, partially, like me, and he’s a super amazing person. I got a chance to meet him at a conference, and had a lovely dinner together, which I really enjoyed, and I learned a lot myself at that dinner, and so we decided it’d be great to have Paul come on the summit, and talk to us about hydrogen water, and how hydrogen affects peptides, and what’s happening with that. So he developed the Echo hydrogen water system, and I’ve tried it, and a lot of my friends actually have it, and so they’ve been kind of telling me about Paul and his great products for a long time, so I’m delighted to have you on this show. Thanks for being here.

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