How Peptides Saved My Life

Dr. Kent Holtorf


Kent Holtorf, M.D.

A little bit about how I got into peptide therapy. Essentially Peptides changed my life. I progressively became increasingly ill during medical school and residency. I was barely able to function with profound fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, cognitive problems, panic attacks, inability to handle stress. I was really wiped out with any physical or mental stress. I went to every specialist that you can think of without benefit standard tests were revealed nothing. They were all normal and nothing seemed to help. I was an, an, an art and follower of being an evidence-based physician. I take pride in that. But it, you know, it’s ingrained in students and residents that anything taught outside of the university that doesn’t conform to the standard medical dogma is quackery. Thus I really delayed looking for therapies that weren’t considered to be so-called standard of care. I overhead, however, I had to do something different because I couldn’t function and no one was helping me. So I really went off and snuck off. 

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