How to Fix Your Mitochondria

Lisa Koche, M.D.



Learn to understand the role mitochondria plays in recovery and sustainable health.

Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey everybody. It’s Robby Besner and yes I’m back with another exciting episode in our Lyme series. Today, days of all days, hold on to your bootstraps because we have Dr. Lisa Koche with us today, and she’s amazing. I’ve known her. It feels like forever because we’re kindred souls connected at the hip. And she is just an amazing dynamic practitioners. She’s located in Florida on the West Coast. We get there often enough. So every so often I get a big hug, which is amazing. And she’s a shaker and a mover. She is putting together retreats. She’s putting together, she has an amazing practice and you can get her at or you can find her also at and that’s spelled K-O-C-H-E, right Dr. Lisa? Cool. All right. So Dr. Lisa, welcome to the healthy hotline and you’re gonna talk about so many amazing things today that I’m just kind of riveted and hanging at the edge of my seat. So to start with, why don’t we just sort of give a little backdrop on, a little bit of your own personal journey. I know you’ve had your own challenges and then kind of let’s dive into where Dr. Koche is today. And then from there, we’ll just unpack some of the super important things that you have to tell us.

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