Framework for Understanding How to Live Healthier

Dr. Marcos de Andrade MD, MBA


Sanjeev Goel M.D., FCFP (PC) CAFCI

Hi everyone I’m Dr. Sanjeev Goel, and you’re listening to the Advanced Anti-aging and Technology Summit. And today my guest is Dr. Marcos de Andrade. Dr. de Andrade is a research physician and public speaker with a passion for preventative medicine located in Miami, Florida. He’s currently the Chief Executive Officer of US Medical Seminars, a research in the Preventative Medicine Company. Dr. de Andrade completed an undergraduate studies in biology at the Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. Shortly thereafter, D, Dr. de Andrade obtained his Doctor of Medicine Degree in a medical program between the United States and Europe at the University of Silesia in Katowice Poland. 

He also possessed a Master of Business Administration Finance and Master International Business Administration from a Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale. Dr. de Andrade later went on to complete a postdoctoral research here at the Cleveland Clinic, Florida with a concentration in metabolism, general surgery and orthopedics. Dr. de Andrade has special interest in environmental preventative medicine. His passion lies in research, increasing community awareness of practices of healthy and lifespan successful living. Your gonna, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy today’s talk with him period. He’s sitting in Miami today at his clinic. Hi everyone. I’m Dr. Sanjeev Boyle and your listening to the Advanced Anti-aging and Technology Summit. And today I have Dr. de Andrade with me. How are you, Marcus?

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