Living With Lyme And Achieving Optimal Health

David Minkoff, M.D.


  • Discover helpful tools and tips for creating a primal sustainable healing platform that can be applied as soon as tomorrow.
  • Understand how protein deficiency and heavy metal toxicity can lead to chronic illness.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the Healing from Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness Naturally Summit. And today, I have an all star, today, as a speaker and a guest. His name is Dr. David Minkoff. He’s got a practice in Florida. I’ve known this guy for years. We go to conferences, he’s a keynote speaker. I’m going through all the things that he’s done, and it’s such a long list that it’s hard to believe that anybody has achieved as much as Dr. Minkoff has done in his short time on this planet. But he has some supplements and he’s got some keys to, particularly as you age, and that’s important to me, how to maintain your body vitality, how to maintain your muscle mass. He is an Ironman. And I think just looking at your resume, I worked up a sweat myself, just looking at all the things that you’ve done, David. So I don’t even think that you need to compete as an Ironman. You just need to do what you do in a daily day and that’s an Ironman activity in itself. So Dr. Minkoff, welcome to the summit. Thank you for joining us and carving out some time to share your wisdom with all the people watching. How are you doing today?

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