Lyme and Emotional Healing

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.



Understand the most modern, natural methods to manage and relieve pain.

Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey everybody. It’s Robby Besner back again with an amazing episode with one of just a guy that’s just an amazing guy, philanthropist. He is the son of one of my best friends on the planet. It’s Dr. Michael Rankin Jr. And if you talk about the apple not falling far from the tree, then that’s Dr. Michael Rankin Jr, the apple falling not too far from his father, who an amazing healer in his own right. He’s just got his father’s genes, not just in his DNA, but it’s all over him. And he’s risen above that and created his own special presence and ways of healing. I want everyone to meet and embrace Dr. Michael Rankin Jr. I call him Michaelson. So if you hear me mention that a few times during our interview, it’s coming from my heart. Hey, Dr. Michael, can you just do me a favor, and let’s give everybody that’s listening today, a little bit of your backstory. So how did you decide to get into sort of healthcare, a little bit about your journey, and then bring us up to the kinds of things that you focus on in your practice today?

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