Lyme/Brain and What to do About it

Jacqueline Gutierrez, D.N.M., H.E.D. C.P.T.


  • Dr Gutierrez’s background and research with Lyme disease.
  • Lyme/Brain explored.
  • 8 step process to Detox your Brain Simple things we can all do to improve our Brain health.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody. It’s Robby Besner. We’re back with an amazing episode in our live series. And today, man, you thought you’ve heard stuff before you won’t believe what’s gonna come out from this interview in just a few minutes. I have a dear friend, I’ve known her for years. She’s been studying brain detoxing and brain everything for at least two decades. So today, we’re gonna talk about Lyme brain. And I know everybody out there can relate to this, in one way or another. 

So let me bring Dr. Jacqueline Gutierrez, to the stage to help you hotline. Jacqueline, Dr. Jacqueline, welcome to Healthy Hotline. By the way, just before we start, let me tell you how you can get ahold of her. She’s got an amazing clinic on the Pacific Northwest area of the country. It’s called the Wellness Trinity Clinic or, and you can get her at Or you can email her at [email protected] I hope I said that right. But Dr. Jacqueline, Lyme brain, what a topic. I mean, we all know about the heart-brain connection, the gut-brain connection, the gut-heart connection. 

And now let’s just talk about the brain-brain connection, because it seems like everything comes back to the brain and how it affects us. And you have a unique protocol for all you guys out there that is a eight step fully turn key from the beginning to the end, a brain detox program. That before we’re done with this interview, you all have to know about because it’s a game changer. So Dr. Jacqueline, let’s talk about Lyme brain. Let’s talk about your Lyme experience. But before we go there, just give us a little bit of a backdrop of sort of like about your clinic, how you got exposed to Lyme in your clinic. It’s all over the country, so we know it’s there. But you particularly, have some insights that are super special. So give us a little bit of backdrop of like, a little bit about your background, not much, but just enough to get us all at the edge of our seats. And then tell us like, what brings you to our discussions today and why you decided to focus on the brain? And why is that so important?

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