Lyme Disease, Chronic Pain, PTSD, And Mycotoxin Illness Part 2

Matt Cook, M.D.


  • Learn and attain the list of ingredients that you can utilize tomorrow to make a change in your health and well being.
  • Learn how to manage and heal from lyme and/or the co-infections from one of the top practiitioners in regenerative medicine ; Speaker reveals most of the tools he uses in his treatments and protocols.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

It’s Robby Besner, and I’m back with another great interview, Dr. Matt Cook. So Matt, welcome to the Healing from Lyme Summit. You were talking about sort of the traditional allopathic approach of just trying to find the one thing like the one a day vitamin or the one culprit that is in charge, and it isn’t that way, really not in nature, whether you’re healthy or you’re chronically challenged. And so treating the whole person and being an active listener you properly said, if you listen to your patient long enough, they’ll tell you their diagnosis and you listen longer they’ll actually tell you how to cure them. So I think that we, as advanced as we are in so many ways, we just stopped listening, we didn’t have time to listen anymore. I’m not sure who the we is, I don’t come from that orientation, it doesn’t sound like you do either. But I think that for Lyme is that are just tuning in now, if you don’t have a practitioner like Dr. Cook and his associates, I had the pleasure of meeting one of his colleagues, Dr. Brian Plant, and we spoke for a while and he was original and young and just eager to help and to heal. 

And these are amazing qualities, not just from a young practitioner, but certainly what I would like to walk in forward, I’d love to see more of, and it feels like, you know, the command came, you must be setting a good example over there, Dr. Cook, because he’s taken lead, so that reductionist piece, I think is interesting to me, because that’s most of the people out there and also generational, and my parents, when I asked them, mom and dad who’s in charge of your health care, they would say, you know, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Cohen, Dr. Schwartz, one of these doctors like they’re in charge, you know, and my generation, so it’s a mix a little bit, younger generations, they seem to be more involved in taking an active role in either maintaining their health or teaming up with the practitioning team to buy in, it’s my life, I wanna be part of this, and it feels to me like you’ve created a platform that really invites that kind of interaction, which is the information that you need as a practitioner and your team in order to properly understand what’s going on. 

And as it changes, because all of these things we’re talking about, isn’t a static relationship, it’s dynamic, it’s always changing like your body is. And so having that voice and having a platform where you can actually communicate on that level, I think is crucial, and I wish that more practitioners took that view, and it’s sort of refreshing for me to hear that from you today, and you treat the whole person, you’re not, again, back to Western, they like to is modernize, everybody’s like this, give it a big label, that’s sort of amorphous and they’ll go away because now they’ve got a diagnosis and they can hide under or go over that diagnosis. 

And, you know, but you, well, let me just put a different way. I’ll personalize it, for my daughter, I said to her, you know, Julia, you may always have Lyme. It might just be like hepatitis or like malaria. You might always have something inside of you. This is what we’re made of, a lot of these relationships with different organisms, but what’s important is it’s important that you hang your hat on the name Lyme disease or the co-infections or Epstein-Barr or whatever, or is it important to focus on living purposefully and finding your bliss or making some contribution to your community, your family, whatever your passion is. And the label is a label.

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