Six Major Cause Of Energy Blockage

Master Chunyi Lin


  • What is energy blockage and how would it affect us?
  • What are the six major cause of energy blockage?
  • How can we heal energy blockage?
Tom McCarthy

Welcome to my second interview with my dear friend, Chunyi Lin. Hopefully you saw the first interview. That was about remote energy healing, and if you didn’t watch that, make sure you watch it because Chunyi who is a revered qigong master showed everybody how to do remote energy healing. So you can heal your family. You can heal your friends. He gave some techniques in that first interview. So make sure, if you didn’t watch that, after this make sure you watch that. It’s very, very powerful and you can use those techniques he shared on you too. So I’m excited to be back with my dear friend Chunyi. He’s been a great friend of mine now for many years. I think I first met Chunyi in 2008. We were part of a group called the transformational leadership council. 

And Chunyi stood out right from that very first meeting when I met him. He led our entire group through some qigong exercises. And I didn’t really know what qigong was. I’d heard about, you know, tai chi and things like that, but now ever since that time and learning from Chunyi, I’ve developed my own qiong practice using spring forest qigong and it’s been fantastic for me. On top of that, Chunyi’s been such a dear friend and when I do have things that I’m concerned about in my body, I’ll contact him and he’s always so loving and caring and kind, and has just enlightened me so much. 

He’s been such a big influence in my life. So I’m excited to have him back. Now in this interview what we’re gonna focus in on is energy blockages. In the first interview we talked a little bit about energy blockages and some clearing techniques, but we’re gonna go into the six causes of energy blockages. But before we do that, let’s just, people that maybe didn’t watch the first one, or maybe you can expand upon it, Chunyi, first of all, great to have you here, what is an energy blockage? What is an energy blockage?

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