Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Related Conditions

Kelly McCann, MD


  •  Symptoms of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and the sensitive patient
  •  Phosphatidyl choline and how it can be used in these complicated, sensitive patients
  • Pentad and pentad plus patients. EDS, POTS, MCAS, autoimmune, and gastroparesis
Nafysa Parpia, N.D.

Welcome to this episode of the Mycotoxin and Chronic Illness Summit. I’m so happy to have with me today, Dr. Kelly McCann, she’s a friend of mine and a colleague. And Kelly, I’ll have you introduce yourself to our audience.


Kelly McCann, M.D.

Thank you Nafysa, I’m so happy to be here today. I think we’re gonna have a great time. A little bit about myself, I am a medical doctor. I did medical school at Tulane University in New Orleans. I got a masters in public health while I was there as well. And then went on and did a dual residency program in internal medicine and pediatrics. I had a brief stint in Oregon and got sick, and then decided I needed to do more training. So I went to Arizona to dry out after being in Oregon, and worked with Dr. Andrew, while at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. 

So I was one of the residential fellows in that fellowship. And then went on and did functional medicine with IFM. I trained with Dr. Walter Crinnion in environmental medicine, trained with Shoemaker, and Patricia Kane, learning about phosphatidylcholine. And then more recently, I’ve been learning a lot about mast cell activation, from some of the greats like Lawrence Aron, and many other doctors. And so that’s where I am practicing in Southern California. I have a practice there. It’s a private practice. And we see very complicated medical patients, just like you guys do.


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