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Metabolic Fitness has helped a wide variety of health and wellness professionals sharpen their skills, focus their decision making, and re-ignite their passion for helping others.

Reed Davis, HHP, FDN-P, CMTA, CNT

Welcome back to this event. I have the amazing and wonderful opportunity to present to you Dr. Bryan WalshWalsh. He’s a guy I’d like to call a friend. You know, we’ve known each other a long time, at least a dozen years. We go back to mutual friends and Dr. Walsh was there at the very, very beginning of my course. You know, when I started teaching a good friend of ours, Bill Woolcott and Dr. Walsh and I used to get together like every week and just go over stuff and just talk openly. And he’s been studying human physiology and nutrition for over 25 years and educating others, other people in the health business for 20 of those. When he’s not teaching, he spends his time pouring over the latest research and synthesizing his findings into practical information for health practitioners. And if you’ve ever seen Dr. Walsh, you know, it’s true. You know, he’s pouring over this stuff, new stuff, old stuff, whatever it is. And it’s also that we can have things in our hands that will be useful with patients and clients. He’s lectured to members of the healthcare industry around the world and consistently receives positive feedback in his seminars and courses. Especially from my graduates. They love Dr. Walsh. And, doc, I just can’t tell you how glad I am to have you here. Let’s just chat for a while about it. 

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