Mitochondrial Health, “Metaflammation” and it’s impact on aging

James La Valle


  • Whole body metabolism dictates metaflammation and inflammaging.
  • Key countermeasures to accelerated aging is looking at a systems biology model and targeting what metabolic roadblocks are specific to the individual.
  • The novel aspects of diet, how strict, the gut and exercise and how much is actually good for your aging clock.
Joseph M. Raffaele, M.D.

James B. LaValle is an internationally recognized clinical pharmacist, author and board-certified clinical nutritionist with over 35 years of clinical experience. Jim is best known for his expertise in performance health and integrative care with personally seeing thousands of clients over the years. He is the founder of Metabolic Code Enterprises, a cloud-based assessment tool that helps to pinpoint where the metabolic roadblocks are to a person’s health based on their symptom survey, lab markers, biometric and wearable data. 

The tool helps prioritize care for individuals using a point system to indicate areas of metabolism that are the most in need of treatment. Jim gained national recognition as National Clinician of the Year in 2012 by the Natural Products Association for his pioneering work in furthering the professional standards of integrative care. And in 2017 as Educator of the Year for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Jim was appointed the clinical director of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Performance Health Program, and he is the author of 22 books and 16 e-books, including the bestselling “Cracking the Metabolic Code” and “Your Blood Never Lies”.

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