Afif Ghannoum – Microbiome, Mycology, and More!

Afif Ghannoum



Join Biotech Attorney and CEO of BIOHM Health Afif Ghannoum to discuss how he and his father have teamed up to be the dynamic duo of mycology.  Learn about drug non-responders, the role of biofilms, regional biomes, phages and more!  Go beyond the gut and learn about the world of bacteria in this exciting overview!

Kent Holtorf, M.D.

Hello, this is Dr. Kent Holtorf with another episode of the Peptide Summit. Today we have a wonderful guest, Afif Ghannoum. He’s going to be talking about, is the microbiome the secret key to your health? Afif, thank you for being on and I just love your story and how you’re just so passionate about the gut. But a little bit about Afif, he’s cofounder of the first total microbiome company, BIOHM Health, that’s B-I-O-H-M Health, where he’s commercialized consumer probiotics and microbiome testing kits that target the dual role that fungi and bacteria play in the digestive tract. So, we’re actually going to talk about that, about fungi’s bad, right. So, we’ll hear more about that. He’s co-founder of BIOHM Health and one of the worlds leading minds in medical mycology. His father, father and son, they launched BIOHM Health in 2016 to bring science to consumers by creating products based on new understandings of the microbiome. So, they were really ahead of the curve. So, we’ll ask him more about that, but his dad, I think, is a full-time researcher. 

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