Mind Body Coaching Academy – Mind Body Health Coach Certification

Emma Gould



The Mind Body Coaching Academy certification program certifies health coaches in the Mind Body approach to coaching. The certification teaches and trains them to confidently coach their clients using a holistic approach with a focus on the mental and emotional needs of their clients. We train our coaches to feel comfortable digging deeper with their clients in order to uncover to deeply rooted beliefs, fears, traumas, etc. that are keeping them stuck and getting in the way of their ability to find success. At the MBCA we firmly believe that in order for a client to achieve the massive transformation they desire, they need to heal their bodies inside and out, mentally and physically. We provide coaches with the training and tools they need to be confident in their ability to provide this transformation to their clients, and the satisfaction in knowing that their work will last their clients a lifetime.

Reed Davis, HHP, FDN-P, CMTA, CNT

Welcome back to the event. I’m so excited today because we have Emma Gould Gould of Mind Body Coaching Academy. Emma Gould’s on a mission to help health coaches step into their power, find alignment with their purpose and gain the knowledge and skills they need to be an impactful and massively successful health coach. Emma Gould’s passion for mind body work began when she first started, actually I’m going to let her tell us about that during the interview. 

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