Monitoring T-cells in tick borne infections

Felix Scholz, PhD


  • Immune responses to tick borne pathogens.
  • T-cell signatures to tick borne pathogens.
  • Making sense of T-cell signature in complex illnesses.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey everybody, welcome back to another amazing interview this time with Dr. Felix Scholz from the is the way you can find him, but he’s got an amazing background. And this is such an important topic for us to cover because if you don’t have the proper testing, then you can’t make the right diagnosis. And if you don’t have the right diagnosis, then you don’t have the right treatment plan. And so there’s actually some fuzzy logic to all of this. And as most of you guys out there have already known or experienced, Lyme is a very funny kind of disease and it mimics many other diseases, neurological diseases and so forth like MS and Parkinson’s and so forth. 

And so because it mimics other diseases in its symptoms, the way the body expresses it, that’s why having a proper lab doing a good test that’s got great results is so important. And so I’d love to introduce Dr. Felix today, he’s well-read, he’s well-researched, he’s published, he’s gotten public grants, he brings over wisdom and knowledge that is just from central Europe. The way that Europeans look at healthcare is very different than the Western approach, plus they have a lot more tools available to them and they have more flexibility in their own researches that gives them kind of a leg up in certain areas and so he brings a lot of that European flavor to his way of expressing himself in his current position. So with that I wanna introduce Dr. Felix to the group, welcome to the Summit and give us a couple of minutes, just on a little bit of your background, why you got started in immunology and then walk us forward to where you are today.

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