More than Just Detox: AMPK and Nrf2 as Fundamental Pillars of Longevity

Christopher Shade, PhD


  • Many interventions try to reverse or slow biochemical aspects of aging yet fail to address the fundamental elements that drive accelerated aging.
  • They are all mitigated or even reversed through AMPK and/or Nrf2 upregulation.
  • Addressing these things before or during interventions such as peptide injections can make the interventions more successful.
Matthew Cook, M.D.

Hi everybody, and welcome to the Peptide Summit. My name’s Dr. Matt Cook, and today I’m with Dr. Chris Shade. And it’s my honor, because he’s a good friend of mine, a dear friend. And I think probably one of the most thoughtful-wise and interesting people in the field of longevity, health, aging. And he’s somebody who understands the science at the deepest level. He makes the best products, and he understands how to synthesize what’s happening in the world and put it all together and ultimately brings I think probably the best products in the world to you before anybody else does. And people feel great when they take ’em. I woke up today and I had a sauna. And every day when I do my I sauna, I take the ultra binder and I mix it in water with lemon and Quinton and drink it. And every day I do that essentially every single day. And I think of you and I’m like Chris Shade. So welcome to the podcast. You’re the greatest of all time for who you are. And so thank you for being you.

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