Mycotoxins and the Developing Brain

Dr. Tara Boyd, ND


Christine Schaffner, N.D.   

Welcome everyone to the mycotoxin and chronic illness summit. I’m thrilled to introduce my dear friend and colleague Dr. Tara Boyd. Who’s gonna be talking about mycotoxins in the developing brain. Dr. Tara Boyd and I have been working closely together for about seven years now. And she’s one of the team doctors at Immanence Health and a little bit about Dr. Boyd. She specializes in pediatric neurological dysfunction, complex chronic illness, mold illness, vector borne illness, and immune dysfunction. She’s a board certified naturopathic physician that obtained her medical degree from Bastyr University and holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and biochemistry from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. 

She’s trained with myself for over seven years and following graduation from Bastyr, she completed a two year residency. Dr. Boyd also holds certifications in autonomic response testing, neurotherapy, hydrotherapy, craniosacral, and visceral manipulation. She has a number of memberships and she was born and raised in west Texas. And is a third generation medical practitioner who fell in love with medicine at a very early age, it was always her dream to not only practice medicine, but also be a medical detective, trying to find a diagnosis for those who no one else could. She has a passion for tackling the toughest cases head on and has shaped her medical practice with a focus on children with chronic illnesses and pediatric neurological conditions, including autism, spectrum disorders, PANDAS/PANS, ADHD and epilepsy. 

Prior to achieving her medical degree, Dr. Boyd spent over 10 years serving clients through massage, bodywork and counseling. She knows that no single approach is right for every individual. So has been trained in wide range of modalities, including environmental medicine, ART, herbal venison, homeopathy, nutrition, psycho kinesiology, IB therapy, kanopy therapy, neural therapy, craniosacral and visceral manipulation, no matter the person or pathology that walks through the door, her goal is simple to educate, empower patients, to find lifelong health and vitality. She’s a true lover of nature and spends her free time gardening, hiking with her dog Shabaka, skiing, ballroom dancing with her husband. So please enjoy this wonderful lecture from Dr. Tara Boyd.

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