Nat Cap Lyme and the Children Series

Monte Skall



Speaker/educator – will discuss the politics of lyme disease, and reveal her latest and greatest body of work – self education modules directed towards children and adolescents.

Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey everybody, it’s Robby Besner, and I’m back with another episode in our Lyme Awareness 2021 series. And today I have the most amazing guest that’s joining us. Her name is Monte Skall, and she’s the Executor Director for a national, she’ll tell you all about this organization. It’s amazing, I think it’s one of the original Lyme non-profits setups for, you know, all of the whole Lyme community have to have a voice, you know, in the legislation in basically Washington DC, which is a kind of area where they’re all located, or at least the organizations domiciled Monte, you know, basically as a teacher and also an artist by trade. And you can see that in the way that she expresses everything that she does. And more importantly, she has the most exciting program that she’s just releasing now. So all you guys out there are getting the first sort of quick peek sneak peek on the Lyme educations, and I’ll look like in the future these for the kiddies. 

So let’s bring on Monte Skall She is a dear friend of mine. I actually met her six years ago. She was so sweet enough to hold an Olive branch out. When Julia passed, we were looking for a way to create a foundation to continue to contribute to Lyme research, to all the things going on in the Lyme industry at the time and research, wide and far to find actually Monte and her group, because it was considered and still is a sort of the gold standard in terms of Lyme awareness. The associations pulling all the legislation together. It’s really no small feat and it takes an organizational person like Monte and her husband, Gregg to pull this all together. So let’s bring Monte skall onto the onset of healthy hotline. Monte, welcome to our Lyme awareness campaign.

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