Is the Science Finally Leading Us to Natural Cures for Cancer?

Sylvie Beljanski



Cutting edge science finding natural solutions for cancer.
The shocking history of Sylvie Beljanki’s was called the Father of Environmental Medicine.
Why Mirko Beljanski’s entire research trying to find natural cures for cancer were destroyed.
The incredible research proving the effectiveness of natural compounds for cancer.
A product made from extracts of the Brazilian paopereira tree that are proven to help against cancer.

Nathan Crane 

Hey, it’s Nathan Crane, director of the Health and Healing Club and host of the Conquering Cancer Summit, and today I am honored and excited to welcome you to a very special interview. Sylvie Beljanski is a French lawyer by trade, a Health Advocate for holistic medicine, a public speaker, and an internationally known author and entrepreneur. She’s the Vice President of the Beljanski Foundation whose mission is to research natural approaches to cancer. She’s also the CEO of Maison Beljanski and International Dietary Supplement Company, and Ms. Beljanski is the award-winning author of “Winning the War on Cancer: the Epic Journey towards a Natural Cure.” Sylvie, thanks so much for joining us. 

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