Neurohepatic Coupling: Balancing ANS Activity to Support Detox Pathways

Dr. Christopher Shade, PhD


Eric Gordon, M.D. 

Welcome to another edition of Mycotoxins and Chronic Illnesses. Today, I always say we have a lot of fun. I always managed to learn a lot and today’s gonna be a special one for that. We have Dr. Christopher Shade with us. Dr. Shade has a PhD in Environmental Chemistry, and he is Founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific, and more importantly than being the founder, he’s a man who continues to innovate and develop new products that are pretty amazing. He has a passion for healing and we’ve been talking and that you’ll see that today and a really intuitive understanding of chemistry and biology and especially of how our body handles toxins. And he early on developed a special system for really being able to measure very low levels of mercury in the body. 

And he has developed some products that I find very helpful to get rid of mercury. And he has done a lot of work at delivering lipid-based nutraceuticals. Nutraceuticals, which I think are again have been a big step forward in getting things into our bodies rather than just passing through our GI tracts. So today we’re gonna talk about mycotoxins, but more importantly, how we get rid of them, how our body handles toxins in general, okay? And I think one of the most important issues that’s often neglected or passed through too quickly, is the neuropathic coupling, okay? Cause we forget how important the brain and the liver and bile are. So, now I’m gonna shut up and let Dr. Shade tell us. First of all, yeah, I’d like to talk a little bit about your background. Actually, before we even get to the neuropathic coupling, just tell us a little bit about you, how you got into environmental medicine and what really lit your fire.

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