A Personalized Approach to Nutritional Healing for Cancer

Liliana Partida



Liliana Partida, CN (Clinical Nutritionist) has been in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 23 years. She started her career early in life by winning the State Championship in the 400 meters run. This launched her dedication to the Health and Fitness industry becoming a perpetual student of continual education.

Nathan Crane

Hey, it’s Nathan Crane, Director of the Health and Healing Club and Host of the Conquering Cancer Summit, and today I am honored and excited to welcome you to a very special interview. And I am joined again by Liliana Partida who is a clinical nutritionist here at the Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine, California. We just finished a fascinating conversation on emotional healing and the technology they use here called EVOX which is really helping you identify some of the root causes of emotional traumas that could be affecting your healing process. So, I encourage you to go and listen to that interview it is very informative and inspiring to say the least. So, Liliana thank you so much for joining us again. You are a clinical nutritionist here, you work with the patients in helping to design personalized nutrition programs to support each patient on their individualized healing journey, right? So, let’s talk a little bit about what that looks like and what people need to understand about nutrition and success in nutrition when it comes to dealing with cancer.

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