Answer To Opioid Epidemic Is A ImPACTful Pain Coaching Business​​

James Fricton


Cheng-Huai Ruan, M.D.

So wonderful to have Dr. James Fricton on today. He’s a professor at the University of Minnesota, the School of Dentistry. And my gosh, I think that what we’re about to go through has blown my mind and I hope it blows yours because talk about an industry leading innovative technique, addressing chronic pain, but truly, truly getting to the root and not just talking about medications and stuff like that. So, Dr. Fricton’s got 35 years of full-time experience in healthcare and research and teaching with the focus on the field of chronic pain. And he’s developed something called PACT, which we’re gonna get into a little bit later on. And I think this is something that’s truly gonna change the world, and this is why I wanted him to be on our digital summit. So Jim, great having you here.

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