William Pawluk, M.D., MSc


Heather Sandison, N.D.

Welcome to the Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit. I am your host, Dr. Heather Sandison and I’m so pleased to have Dr. William Pawluk joining me today. He is an MD and a holistic doctor near Baltimore, Maryland. His previous academic positions at John Hopkins in the University of Maryland included training in acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis, energy medicine, nutrition, and bodywork. Considered the foremost authority in the use of PEMF or Pulse Electronic Medic Field therapy in North America. 

He’s interest in holistic pain management, sleep, anxiety, anti-aging and general health. He’s also interested in new solutions to stubborn chronic and frustrating health problems like dementia. He wants to try to resolve the cause of the problem and not to simply put a bandaid on it. You can tell I’ve invited him to be here. For example, most conventional treatments for relying on numbing and dumbing, instead of listening to that signal. And this simply may make the perception of petter pain, but it doesn’t heal the cause.

When he joined “The Dr Oz Show,” they both agreed that pain management should be focused on healing the cause. After 25 years of seeing the risks and side effects of traditional approaches, and studying various healing approaches, he discovered that PEMF provides the most benefit and allowed a safe non-toxic, self-directed, self controlled and at home main management solution. To this end, Dr. Pawluk has worked with magnetic field therapies for 30 years, and established an authoritative website that I have used personally myself 

He’s the author of a comprehensive book on healing with magnetic fields called “The Power Tools for Health”. This book describes what magnetic fields are, over 25 actions of magnetic fields in the body, how they work with over 50 health conditions and how to get a PEMF device for yourself, and then how to use it. This book is supported by over 500 scientific references, and is the most authoritative yet readable book on the topic available to date. To help promote his healing concept, he has well over 50 radio, podcasts, magazine, and TV interviews combined. He’s also been the cohost of a two hour holistic health radio show in Baltimore for over 10 years. Most recently, he hosted the Pain Solution Summit, interviewing more than 30 experts on helping people with chronic pain. Dr Pawluk, welcome to the show.


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